Our single focus is creating eco-friendly advertising campaigns which would benefit to both our clients and their target audiences. We are specializing exclusively in promoting and advertising
products or services of San Diego Convention Center Exhibitors in a unique, fresh and innovation approach with a bit of fun and a “twist of style” through the use of our pedicab media.

Our Strengths

– Only pedicab outdoor company offering super fully wrapped 13 sheet display ad spaces with canopy top panel and door attachments. Most of our competitors are still offering only rear panel space.
– We offer the largest pedicab advertising spaces possible. (95 sqft printed media installed on a single pedicab when doors and canopy panels attached)
– We take care of the print production of the wraps in the house. Quality of prints and installation are our total commitment.
– Our bikecabs are specifically designed for advertisings purposes and they look like mobile billboards.
– Our bicycle taxis are designed for the comfort of our passengers and equipped with safety tools. (Seat belts, LED lights, and music system)
– During the convention ad campaigns we stay or move around the convention center to be seen by your target audience and provide 100% exposure and visibility of your brand. Most of our competitors don’t do the same; they might be sitting in the areas where your target market cannot see them.
– We work with a young and energetic team who are well trained and experts of advertising campaigns. We make sure to represent your company, brand or products in a high level of commitment.

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